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ETL/DBA Management

The database management is the vital responsibility of the organization. The company should have the assurance and security check for database security. It is the primary duty and responsibility of the company to manage the data according to the requirement and needs of the organization. The data should get proper protection from cyber issues, hacking, and corrupt files. Access of the data should be available for all the members who need it.

Handling, extraction, and transformation – Data handling is arranging a large amount of data into a particular set or format. It is very complex to maintain the data in today’s date as it involves a large complex procedure to go through all the activities to fetch it. An individual with a high level of skill set is efficient to work in this field.

The data is extracted and imported from many different files and sources to collect in the specified data store. It is hectic to do all this manually. The DBA management helps to convert the work to an easy source to manage the database.

Backup and security – Recovery, and backup of the data is the responsibility of the company. They have to preserve a large amount of data. Technology doesn’t necessarily tend to be successful every time and due to which the data loss is the major problem usually, arise. The DBA management recovers the data from the Oracle cloud and works as a reliable database.

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