CPT/OPT Consultation – Making Study Abroad Easy And Simple

Optional practical training and curricular practical training are the two sides of the coin. You require the permission or the authorization to study abroad. These CPT and OPT are the authority offer on an F1 visa for the eligible students to study and work in the US. Our Free CPT/OPT Consultation will be fruitful and useful for the students who are at the edge of their career. Our experts or consultants will help the students to choose the best option for their future. It is easy to survive in other countries when you know all the laws and the policies of the place.

Permission, Authorization And Duration

The students will get the OPT authorization for work in their related field temporarily in the US and valid for 12 months. The CPT authorization is only for the students to work in their major field of study. Our consultants provide guidelines to help students reach their dream destinations. Abroad education has a different value and attracts many career seekers.

An individual does not require the appointment or the offer letter while registering for OPT. The CPT authorization is possible with the offer letter or any other proof related to the employment.

Importance And Benefits Of CPT /OPT Consultation

The starting point of the career of the students is sensitive. The correct guidelines and suggestions may help them reach the place they like or desire. Systemonex as the top consulting company is performing great in this direction of consultation services. We have a highly experienced and qualified team of consultants to provide the CPT/OPT consultation. The experts introduce the students and employees to the policies and the laws of the other countries. The student cannot find the whole information about the policies and related updates himself. The consultant’s advice and suggestions will help the students and employees to save valuable time. They can get the straight clear cut updates from CPT/OPT consultants.

Grab Your Chance To Study And Work Abroad

Our consultants provide the best services to the students and employees to apply efficiently for the CPT and OPT. Authorization gives you the chance to contribute skills to the corporate sectors in the United States temporarily. Our professionals provide the pathway and other internal details of the policies. You can get the best opportunity to work in the US and that too in the desired field of interest. We provide all the possible details and information to apply for the CPT and OPT authorization.

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