Job Title: Mobile App Developer
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Position:- W2 / Full time
Minimum Experience:- 1-2 Years
Classification:- IT Industry
Salary:- $Per Hour
Posted by:- SystemoneX Inc
Address:- 145 Bennington St. Suite 113,
Revere, MA
Zip Code:- 02151
Telephone:- +1 717-256-2647

Mobile App Developer - SystemOneX

Mobile App Developer Jobs in Jersey City, NJ


  • Develop a Mobile app and unit testing
  • Documentation as per project requirements
  • Identification of the product and improvements, implementation of modifications as per the requirement of the business.
  • Prepare release and submit to the release team.
  • Preparation of reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing all the required information.
  • Develop new functions and features of wireframe models for user interfaces.
  • Ensure the user-friendly experience and performance by testing the functioning of the application.
  • Fixing bugs and performance problems
  • Writing clean, readable, and testable code
  • Coordination with back-end developers, designers, and the team to suggest the well-planned and high-quality solutions for improvement.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Qualifications in Computer Science, Computer Technology/engineering, Administrative IT Management or more likewise.
  • Must have a good understanding of basic IT skills, Network, and cloud computing concepts
  • Familiar with APIs and mobile libraries specifically for networking.
  • Familiarity with the JSON format
  • Experience with profiling and debugging mobile applications
  • Strong knowledge of architectural patterns—MVP, MVC, MVVM

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