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April 8, 2020by admin0
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What Are The Work Place Precautions Against Corona Virus?

In the present conditions of the corona outbreak, many companies are taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus. Various countries have designed the laws for the protection of the employees at the workplace.

Management Support

SystemOneX Inc. is facilitating employees to work from home or work remotely on the projects. In return, the significant contribution of the dedicated employees helps in efficiently regulating the company. The employees are being active and available for providing the services. With the coordination, support, and quick availability of the employees, the pace of development can enhance to a great extent and prove to be fruitful. The combine efforts of the management and employees help to increase the growth of the company.

Steps For Cooperating The Efforts Of Government

The government is taking advance measures to protect the citizens from the CORONA Virus. Social distancing is an outstanding way to break the COVID-19 cycle outbreak. PM Narendra Modi declares the 21 days total country lockdown and warns people not to step outside of the house. The life-threatening virus can destroy the families and can set the country 21 years back. SystemOneX company is cooperating with the steps taken by the government, and recent contribution or donation of about INR 1,00,000/- in PM Cares fund is the justification of the kind awareness and true citizenship. The fund is for the help of the government in providing rations and basic amenities to the needy families in a hard time.


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