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Important Tips To Remember Regarding Sponsorship

For sponsoring the employees, the employer should file a legal document under the labor conditions application (LCA) mentioning that the non-immigrant worker is hired and paid the salary equivalent to any other employee appointed for that position.

All the documentation part of the H1B visa is done by the company and also, they pay the fee for the application. The employer should also emphasize filing the LCA document because if the application is chosen in the lottery system then there are chances of rejection from the USCIS.

The Process Of Sponsor H1B Visa’s

It is the employer’s responsibility to pay the filing fee which changes according to the situations and the conditions. The employer tends to apply on behalf of the sponsored employee. The employers also check the details of the job and the requirement to ensure that it matches the H1B visa program. The determination of the pay rate is also done by the employer.

The application takes about a week to ensure the appropriateness. The employers need also to complete the leftover procedure of application filing through form G- 28 and form I – 129 submission to USCIS. On approval of the application, the employers will get the notice of action form I – 797.


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